February 2024 - Coffee Is My Love Language

February 2024 - Coffee Is My Love Language

 Ah, coffee, my dear caffeinated companion! You are the elixir that turns my morning zombie mode into functioning human being status.

 Is Coffee your love language too? Welcome to February! 

The way coffee can embrace me with its warm, aromatic presence is nothing short of a love language. It has the  ability to turn "don't even look at me until I've had my coffee" into "I can conquer the world". Is truly magical.

I hope you like the February image. Use it on your phone, desktop, or social media to show friends and family that you "speak coffee"

How To Use These Images: Place your mouse over the image you want below and right click. Then save to any convenient location on your device. You'll need to rename the file when you save it. Then, you can use the image to personalize your display.

If you have a PC and it only wants to save the image as a webp file, you can download it that way and use a free online converter (Google it) to turn it into a jpg file. 

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