December 2023

December 2023

The December Holidays are a time to celebrate! 

Celebrate family, the events of the past year, the excitement of the coming year, and cuddle up with the traditions that anchor us to the past holidays.

Please use this December "Celebrate" image on your devices to help celebrate all that is dear to you.  That is how I use them, I hope you do too. 

How To Use These Images: Place your mouse over the image you want below and right click. Then save to any convenient location on your device. You'll need to rename the file when you save it. Then, you can use the image to personalize your display.

If you have a PC and it only wants to save the image as a webp file, you can download it that way and use a free online converter (Google it) to turn it into a jpg file. 

Click for the complete Wallpaper Library

Computer/Laptop wallpaper WITH calendar

December 2023 holiday wallpaper with calendar


Computer wallpaper without calendar

December 2023 wallpaper without calendar


Phone/mobile wallpaper

December 2023 mobile wallpaper

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