What is Opal House and what is the connection to Good Bean Gifts?

What is Opal House and what is the connection to Good Bean Gifts?

Hey Everyone. 

Good Bean Gifts loves coffee, coffee merch/apparel and giving back. 

I wanted to take the Thanksgiving holiday to give a little back story on the main giveback charity of Good Bean Gifts, Opal House in Guatemala. 

Plus I am happy to announce that each month I'll be able to give updates from Will on what is going on at Opal House. This is the first update. 

But first, what is Opal House?

Opal House is a refuge for the impoverished children of Guatemala. Located high in the mountains of Lake Atitlan is a 59 acre farm where peace and love exist. There the students and workers receive physical, spiritual and educational nourishment. The children are served in their native culture, customs and language. Medical and surgical services are provided to the local community as well.

Children with good nutrition, education, and hope will be able to contribute back to Guatemalan society as adults. A Christian faith-based educational foundation will prepare them for their future. Guatemala is in need of new, educated young leaders after a long period of national strife.

How did Opal House come to be? It all started when Will and Diane Boegel took a 50th birthday trip to Guatemala. They had done medical missions all over the world in the past.(Will is an award winning surgeon from Seattle) On this particular trip they felt called by God to take an abandoned farm and create a children ministry, an orphanage, and a school. 

They didn’t have the half-million dollars needed to purchase the abandoned farm, didn’t speak Spanish, had no farm experience, and were entirely comfortable and blessed performing medical missions all over the world. Why would they want to leave their amazing careers?

It was a God-sized faith project.

Through a series of miracles, after putting 100% of their life savings (equity, retirement, savings) as a nonrefundable down payment, over 10 months fundraising almost $350,000 (the last $80,000 the night they were leaving the country to sign the contract), they purchased the farm and deeded it to the Lord in a non-profit children’s ministry.

My wife and I took a mission trip with Athentokos in 2019 to serve the kids at Opal House. It was a transformational experience for me. I saw the massive difference Opal House was making in the lives of the kids. Generational changes. The joy of the kids, their unconditional love, the connection. Even though I did not speak any Spanish, God provided a way for me to communicate and serve them. Leaving was difficult. I left a piece of my heart there. 

I knew I had to continue to be a part of this ministry.  

Covid shut the world down and we could not return until 2023. The second trip this past year made the connection even more concrete, deepening  the bond. In addition to the goodness God is doing, It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

The landscape, the volcanos, the lake, the vivid flora, make it easy to see the majesty of God. 

The absence of all the distractions of the world really gives the opportunity to just be still to know God and even know myself more. It is hard to describe. 

As an added bonus, my wife and I got to know Will and Diane much better. Many deep talks and shared visions. We are honored to call them friends.  

When I launched Good Bean Gifts, I had no doubt that I would donate and support Opal House. The more successful this company is, the more good that Opal House can do for the kids and community in Guatemala.  

And now, let's let Will tell us what has been going on at Opal House. Pictures too!  

Last week was school graduation (see the pictures) 

The Opal House Christian children’s mission and its coffee and avocado crops have entered our “summer pause”. Both the coffee and avocado crops will be ready to pick in January.  

So, during this pause, the Lord permits us to prepare.

  • Summer school projects to get ready for the new school year in January. This includes bathroom renovation and painting.
  • Farm projects This will entail a new water holding cistern upgrade, fruit tree pruning, and new playground installation.
  • Diane and I also catch up on gardening and house projects.  

We love this dry, summer season of preparation. It is also a critical  time of spiritual reflection and contemplative preparation for the upcoming 2024 year.

Until next month, 

Will and Diane

I am going to really enjoy these monthly updates. It will help me stay even more connected. 

I hope it will let you see what your support can do. You truly make a difference. And I thank you for that.


Graduation Day!

Waterfront view of our beautiful Lake Atitlan

November flowers at Opal House 

Playground set donation loading

Donated playground set

Diane and Jackie with appreciation plaque.

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