Opal House January update and how they are making generational change.

Opal House January update and how they are making generational change.

This week's blog  is the Opal House update. I always look forward to getting pictures and hearing what is going on at the school and farm. 

The pictures and updates this month are about Will’s birthday, the free regional orthopedic surgery program, and an adorable picture of a baby goat! 

“Opal House celebrated Dr. Will’s birthday on January the 12th. 

In 2007, 17 years ago, Opal House was founded. It was even on Dr. Wills 50th birthday. 

What a Gift from God!!

Our amazing Montessori school of 60 kids in 8 grades started up on January 15th and the children all were surprised with an installed commercial playset. Great start to the year for Diane and the kids. 

Dr Will is scheduling 50 pediatric patients for our free annual orthopedic surgery program. 

Great team of 30 doctors are coming soon!”

Opal House serves the small community of Agua Escondida in Guatemala. The power of a free medical clinic is not just a service, but a lifeline. Sadly, many small communities in Guatemala face numerous challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare. Limited resources and infrastructure, coupled with high poverty rates, make it difficult for individuals and families to receive the medical attention they need.

This is where the Opal House free medical clinics steps in as a beacon of hope

By offering these services free of charge, they eliminate the financial barrier that often prevents families from seeking medical care.

In addition to the physical benefits, free medical clinics also address the psychological and emotional well-being of the region. Knowing that they have access to medical care, regardless of their financial situation, brings a sense of security and peace of mind.

Also free medical clinics play a crucial role in educating the community about preventive measures and healthy lifestyle choices. They conduct health awareness campaigns, provide information on nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention, and offer counseling and support to individuals and families. 

I love how Dr. Will and the Opal House team treat so many layers of the region. Not just the first level.

When I first heard of the FREE orthopedic program that Dr. Will and his team conduct each year, I was amazed. The medical need is just as great and actually even greater in this small village and this region of Guatemala. They barely have the access to the basic needs much less the surgery needed to correct the deformities and needs for the kids. A broken arm that is never treated or set properly can change the direction of a child's life in a negative way. Conversely, having it treated, set in a cast to heal, can set the direction of that child's future in a whole different direction!  

The work they do is not just one and done. The team does not just fly in, treat the kids, and fly home...Never to be seen again.  I mean there is value in treating medical conditions. But I think there is deeper work that can be done and Dr. Will is going the extra mile. Most of the team is the same each year. They come back each year and follow up on each patient. They see how they are progressing. Do any follow up that is needed. Dr. Will not only arranges the surgeries but follows up throughout the year. 

To me this is so important. They kids get to see the SAME doctor. They  see genuine care and concern for them from the doctors. I know this makes them feel valued. It can change their outlook. The kids coming back a year after their surgery not only as a follow up, but as encouragement to the team that the work they do that week will make a huge difference

Plus they then treat new kids! And the positive cycle begins again. 

This free  orthopedic surgery program is making generational changes in the region.  

I am happy to say that my wife Michelle and I are going down for the program this year! 

We are not doctors. (Although I was pre-med for a year and a half in college)  We can however cook!  We are going down to cook and provide meals and support  for the team while they do the life altering surgeries for the community.  It is our  pleasure and honor to be able to help in a small way. So you can look for more info and pictures after the March trip.  

The pictures of the kids are so impactful. 

If this story has touched you and you would like the help, that would warm my heart.  

One VERY unique fact about donations to Opal House…100% of your donation goes directly to benefit the kids, community, and the school. There are no administrative fees or overhead that eats into your donation. I don't know about you, but knowing that our hard earned money is working harder to make an impact helps me sleep better at night.  

Here is a link to learn more about Opal House and to donate as well. 


Thank you for your consideration. 

Stay caffeinated, my friends

Tim @ Good Bean Gifts.

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