Haunted Coffee Shops Around the United States: Discover the Most Eerie Cafes

Haunted Coffee Shops Around the United States: Discover the Most Eerie Cafes

Coffee shops have long been a place for people to gather, unwind, and enjoy their favorite brews. However, some coffee shops across the United States offer more than just lattes and pastries – they come with a side of spooky history and ghostly encounters. Join me as we embark on a chilling journey to explore haunted coffee shops from different corners of the country, where every cup of coffee is served with a double shot of the supernatural.

  1. Café Beignet - New Orleans, Louisiana

Our first stop takes us to the vibrant city of New Orleans, known for its rich history and spiritual traditions. Café Beignet, located in the historic French Quarter, has seen its fair share of ghostly activity. Legend has it that the cafe is visited by the spirit of a former resident, a Confederate soldier who met a tragic end. Visitors have reported mysterious cold spots, flickering lights, and even apparitions. As you sip your café au lait and enjoy beignets, you might find yourself sharing your breakfast with an otherworldly companion.

  1. Haunted Grounds Coffee Shop - Savannah, Georgia

Haunted Grounds Coffee Shop, nestled in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, is not your average caffeine haven. This charming establishment combines the warmth of a traditional coffee shop with an eerie twist. Housed in a historic building with a storied past, it's rumored to be frequented by spectral visitors. "Keys not where they’re supposed to be, papers falling off, we’ve had chairs move. Our banner here has fallen over backwards" says the owner. It is also the home to the Paranormal Society of Savannah. Patrons can savor their brews while soaking in the ambiance of a place steeped in history and mystery. With its cozy seating, aromatic coffee, and the occasional ghostly whisper, Haunted Grounds offers an unforgettable coffee experience for those seeking a sip of the supernatural. So, as you savor your caramel macchiato, prepare to share your table with an invisible guest.

  1. Miss Lizzie's Coffee - Fall River, Massachusetts

Miss Lizzie's Coffee in Fall River, Massachusetts, is a coffee shop with a chilling twist that's sure to send shivers down your spine. The "Lizzie" in the title isn't just a catchy name—it's a nod to the infamous Lizzie Borden, a central figure in one of America's most perplexing murder mysteries.

Step inside, and you'll find yourself transported to a bygone era, where antique decor and eerie memorabilia pay homage to the dark history of the region. As you sip your coffee, you might catch whispers of the Borden family's grim tale and the unsolved murder that lingers in the air.

Miss Lizzie's Coffee offers patrons more than just delicious brews; it serves up an unsettling experience, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Whether you're enjoying a latte or a pastry, you can't escape the lingering presence of a century-old mystery that still haunts the city. 

    4. Costello Street Coffee House - Florissant Colorado 

The 1886 Costello Street Coffee House, once a private home, is purported to house the ghost of former owner James Castello, who passed away there. 

James’s Wife Catherine died from severe burns after her dress caught fire.  One of their Son’s Frank and his wife had a daughter and son who died in Florissant as children.

The lights turn on after being turned off.

The restaurant’s ghosts are said to turn lights on, play with animated holiday figures, make footsteps when no one living is around, move or hide various objects, and create cold spots. As you sip your espresso, remember you're not alone – there might just be a lingering spirit to keep you company.

  1. Java Jive Café - Hannibal Missouri 

Our final destination takes us to Java Jive in Hannibal, Missouri, isn't your typical coffee shop—it's a haunt for history and the paranormal. Once part of Haydon's Hardware, the building has a ghostly reputation thanks to Percy Haydon, who opened the hardware store in 1919.

Employees at Haydon's Hardware often heard mysterious footsteps, witnessed lights flickering, and experienced strange events, like phantom sneezes and whispered names. These occurrences were attributed to Percy Haydon, remembered as gruff but kind-hearted.

Today, Java Jive is home to a different kind of buzz. Baristas have reported footsteps without footprints, touches, voices, and even moving objects. They've heard music, laughter, and crying, often centered around the kitchen and closet area. One barista, Courtney Wikowsky, frequently encounters paranormal activity, from ringing bells to ghostly voices and shadows.

Another barista, hears heavy footsteps at night and once had her purse mysteriously vanish, only to find it in the basement later.

Is it Percy Haydon still watching over his beloved establishment? Despite these eerie encounters, the coffee shop exudes positive energy, just as Percy would've wanted. Whether you're enjoying a pour-over or a slice of cake, the Red Cat Café serves up both coffee and a side of ghostly intrigue.

Coffee shops have always been places of comfort and community, but these haunted coffee shops around the United States offer a unique and spine-tingling experience. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, these cafes are bound to leave you with a lingering sense of the supernatural. So, the next time you're traveling across the country, consider stopping by one of these eerie coffee shops and enjoying a cup of coffee with a side of ghostly tales. Who knows, you might just have your very own paranormal encounter while sipping your favorite brew. Happy haunting and caffeinating!


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